Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Principles

The aim of Fantasy Bumps is to build the best crews you can and race them in Eights 2015. You can build both a men's and a women's crew, picking rowers from any boat, anywhere on the river. However, you can't just pick eight rowers from the headship crew: you start with a limited budget and rowers from the top crews cost a lot more to recruit. To make matters worse, Fantasy Bumps works like a stock market - each time a rower from a particular boat is bought, their price will go up! The obvious choices will quickly become expensive, so the question is - do you know something others don't?

Your crew's successes each day will earn you more cash to upgrade your rowers. These can be bought and sold throughout the week. Pay-outs are determined by whether your rowers bumped and their position on the river. Your score is based on the newt worth of your rowers and the overall winner at the end of the week is the player with the highest score.
Yes, though we may limit how many you can buy at certain busy times so that everyone gets a fair chance.
Yes, although it's your combined score that will be calculated to determine the overall winner.
At the race time for each division, all rowers in those crews will be locked in place and can no longer be traded while the days racing is happening. At the end of the day when the last race has finished the markets unlock and you can switch up your crew ready for the next days' racing. When the official results are published we pay out winnings based on the performance of your rowers that day.
Each time a rower from a particular boat is bought, the price of that entire crew increases (and every other boat goes down slightly). When that rower is sold, the price will go back down (and everyone else back up).

If the price of your rowers increases then you can sell them on again for a profit.
Winnings are paid out at the end of each day’s racing, once results have been confirmed. The pay-outs scales with position on the river and the outcome of racing.
  • A bump is worth three times as much as a row-over.
  • Being bumped yields no pay-out at all.
  • Row overs at the Head of the river are worth double.
  • Overbumps are worth a lot more.
No. Oxford and Cambridge games are totally separate. On the other hand you will need to play both men's and women's games to place well in the overall rankings for either university.

Getting Started

You must be logged in to buy and sell rowers and build your crew. To log in or sign up just click the Facebook icon in the top right of every page. On your first time you’ll be taken to Facebook and asked to confirm that you want to play the game. When you click OK you'll be taken to our Sign Up where you get to pick a nickname and choose your college affiliation. Then it's straight into the game – no emails to wait for and no passwords to remember!
Buying and selling is the core of Fantasy Bumps. When you’re logged in you can buy and sell rowers from the Market page.

To buy, just click on the blue ‘Select’ button in the table on the left, and then click 'Buy' for the crew you want. To sell, click on the yellow button next to the rower who doesn’t make the cut.

Why not start by buying a few rowers from your own college’s crews to get a feel for it?
Well working that out is the whole game! Do you buy the rowers who you think will get the biggest payouts? Do you buy those who look undervalued in the hope that the market corrects? Is it right to go for a few expensive rowers or to fill your crew up with bargains? How much risk are you willing to take that a ‘guaranteed’ bump might not happen?

All these questions might have different answers at different times as the races go on.
Once racing gets under way divisions will get 'locked out' as the day progresses, preventing you from buying or selling rowers in those divisions. Make sure you get your trading done in time!
You can see all the details about your crew from the Boathouse page, including:
  • A summary of your position.
  • Your current lineup, where you can see if each rower is in profit and rearrange your crew order.
  • A graph of your crew value over time.
  • A history of all the transactions you’ve made.
  • Once racing starts you can also see race reports for each day’s racing.
Who can sniff out winners like some kind of bumps terrier? Who's the canniest trader? And who has the predictive ability of a cheap horoscope? Find out who's hot and who's not with the Rankings page!

You can sort by overall score, number of bumps, value of pay-outs or profit from trading rowers. Click the tabs at the top to see either the combined rankings or the men's or women's games separately. Simply click the headers at the top of the table to sort.

You can filter the rankings with the menu on the right to see how you stack up against your Facebook friends, or against players from any of the college boat clubs.

You can also check out your opposition’s crews by clicking on their names in the Rankings.
Because everyone loves pretty graphs and useless statistics, we've built in some price trackers and boat stats pages. These are accessible from the DataCentre tab in the navigation bar. The individual boat stats can also be accessed by clicking on boats in the Market tab. The DataCentre is also where we might put up some other cool stats about the game from time to time.
Sportsmanship: This is a game. It is meant to be fair as well as fun. We want like players to play the game in that spirit. It should therefore go without saying that practices to artificially inflate your balance or crew worth are not allowed. Unfortunately, early indications suggest that a small proportion of players just can't resist the allure of easy points. Let us be absolutely clear: if we catch you doing this, your account will be banned. If you persist with this behaviour, we will ban you permanently. It's actually pretty easy to spot, and you are not going to get anywhere near the top of the rankings for long if you try.

Nitty Gritty

Your score for either sex is roughly the current value of your crew plus your balance left over. There's a bit of maths involved if you have several rowers from the same crew to stop scores getting artificially inflated.
Each position on the river has a base price, starting from £300 at the top to a few tens of pounds in the bottom divisions. The base price is where the prices started before any buying or selling happened. For Torpids, Eights and Mays the pay-out for a bump is 30% of the base price. For Lents the payout is 25% (because there are potentially 5 days of racing).
  • A row over at any bungline is worth one third as much as a bump.
  • If a crew rows over at the head of a division and then bumps up into the next one then they’re paid for both races.
  • Overbumps are just the pay-out for a bump multiplied by the number of places gained.
Your trading profit on the Rankings is the total value of your crew plus your balance, minus what you started with and any pay-outs and bonuses. What’s left must then be what you’ve gained or lost through trading.
We award badges for certain events, such as holding rowers from a crew for multiple consecutive bumps or for all your bow-siders bumping on the same day. Some of these badges come with a monetary bonus, some don't. Is your crew optimised to make the most of the bonuses out there?
We'll add the Rowing On crews to the market as soon as the results from the Rowing On race are officially announced. Check back after the race to pick up some bargains.
Divisions are locked at the published race time. After this you won’t be able to buy or sell any rowers from crews in that division. The markets open again at 7pm after each days' racing
This depends on the race organisers publishing results in a speedy manner. We'll try and get the game updated as soon as we see official results. Unfortunately sometime appeals can delay this late into the night.
You only get paid based on the results of the rowers in your crew at the time of the race. After the race you can buy or sell as you like and it won’t change your winnings.
The Rankings tables and score graphs only refresh every five minutes. Try checking back later to see if it's updated
Short selling is complicated, for instance, if you're short in a dividend paying stock then you have to cover the dividend. We'd need systems for borrowing money and negative balances, and a whole new metaphor for your 'portfolio', because a crew list doesn’t make sense any more. We’d love to hear your ideas about how to make a short selling system work in-game, but so far we haven't found one we like.

The second thing to note is that boat prices in the game are zero-sum. In terms of portfolio theory the return on the in-game market is always zero. That means that for any overpriced crew (in the sense that its expected return is low), there must be an equal amount of under-pricing somewhere in the market. You just have to find it.
We think giving you 36 seats to fill instead of 18 is just far to much clicking. If you're limited by seats not money then maybe your best route to more winnings is to swap out high yield rowers (good expected pay-out for the price) with rowers from crews with high absolute pay-outs. Maybe you just need to take some bigger risks.
We played with this ideal but it felt too restrictive. Right now we don't require full crews to race. Theoretically this is subject to change, but we'll make it very clear if we do.


There are a few things that could go wrong here. In the first instance try refreshing the market page and see if that sorts things out. The principle reasons why a transaction won’t work are:
  • The markets are locked due to racing or for maintenance.
  • You already have/don't have a rower in that seat and your browser has got out of sync with the server.
  • You don't have enough money to guy a rower. This could be because you're spending in two browser windows or because the price changed in the time it took you to click.
  • There might be temporary limits on how many rowers from a single crew you can buy.
  • You've been spamming the server and hit the hard limit on transactions per hour.
  • Finally there might be a genuine problem with the site at our end. If you think that's the case then please let us know.
These should usually be refreshed by logging out and back in from the menu in the top right. If not, then check that you haven't accidentally revoked our permissions in your Facebook App Settings.
We think that college rowing is a small world and that the game is more fun if you can see your friends' crews and they see yours. We appreciate that some of you want to stay private though, so you can hide your name and profile pic from other players by clicking the check-box on the Account page (accessed from the menu in the top right).
Your friend might have chosen to keep their account private. Maybe you could ask them in person what their nickname is.
Don't panic. You can switch between Oxford and Cambridge versions of the site from the dropdown menu in the navbar at the top of the page.
Let us know by email or the contact form. We have ways of checking if you’re right and we can take action against the offending player if so.
Unfortunately at busy times our server can take a bit of a battering. Please try again later.


Trusting websites with your details is always a balancing act. When you use Facebook Login you share with us a small amount of information, basically about as much as what somebody not on your friends list would see if they looked at your public profile. In return, Facebook handles the authentication, so your password never passes through our server and we never get to see it.

We think that this is much more secure than the alternative, which is for us to store an email and password for each player. Read any tech blog these days and you’ll see stories about hacked password databases almost every week. We'd rather not become one of those stories.

We won't sell or transmit this information to any third party 'partners'. You can see more on our Legal page.
No, sorry. At the moment an app sounds far too much like hard work for this project. On the other hand, the site is made with responsive HTML5, so it should be pretty usable in mobile browsers. Let us know if you find something that doesn't work on your phone or tablet.
Between us we've got over 100 bumps races, headships, and enough blades to row our own VIII. We just thought this would be cool.
Questions? Comments? Constructive criticism? Perhaps even lavish praise? We'd love to hear your feedback! Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook. Like our page or follow us for all the latest updates on the game!

You can also contact us by email admin@fantasybumps.co.uk or use our contact form.